When you book in 'a dental' you can rely on a veterinary grade exam of your horse as a whole, a detailed exam of the mouth and teeth and a safe precise treatment with veterinary instruments. But the dental service doesn't stop there.

Horses are weighted and treated in the Porta Safe Stocks, unique to this vet practice. These stocks provide support and safety to your horse during treatment. It also carries water, power etc. needed during a dental.

X-rays: Dental Vet has a unique system available that places X-ray plates inside the horses mouth. This gives detailed views of horse teeth without both jaws overlapping each other in the X-ray image.

Medical treatments are available. Some dental issues require for instance anti-biotics, pain relief or mouthwash. Being a veterinary practice, Dental Vet has the know how and licence to provide this to your horse.

Some dental diseases require more advanced or surgical treatments such as diastema widening and tooth extractions. Most of these advanced procedures can be done on the standing horse.


Horse's teeth have a lot in common with human teeth. Teeth are live tissues with nerves and blood vessels. Teeth are held in place by the periodontium which is a special support system of gum, ligaments and bone. This similar anatomy means that horse teeth get dental problems and dental diseases very similar to people. To identify and prevent these problems, naturally they need to be examined and treated like you at the dentist. It's that simple.