Terms of business


‘Company’ means The Dental Vet Limited.

‘Customer’ means the person/identity instructing or requesting the services of the ‘Company’. Where the person requesting the service is someone other than the owner of the animal that person is liable for the full cost of the service and they are responsible for recovering the costs from the owner not the ‘Company’ unless the owner has completed a credit application form and been granted credit.

‘Service’ means the treatment and or supply of drugs, prescriptions and remedies provided and or prescribed by the ‘Company’.

‘Acceptance’ of these terms & Conditions is signified by either the signing of the credit application form or the commencement of treatment as instructed.


1.0 Charges:

1.1 The charges for treatment will be based on the hourly rate applicable at the time together with any other associated costs.

1.2 Travel may be charges at the rate of $1.00 + GST depending on location and nature of the job.

1.3 Special rates will apply for emergencies or call outs outside normal working hours.

1.4 Where a quotation or estimate has been given and after treatment has started it is in the opinion of the veterinarian that a different course of treatment is required then it is agreed that such treatment should precede and any additional costs will be paid for by the ‘Customer’.


2.0 Cancelations:

2.1 Where an appointment has been cancelled by the ‘Customer’ without 24 hours notice or the animal is not presented for treatment at the appointed time, then the ‘company’ reserves the right to charge for lost time or opportunity and any expenses incurred.


3.0 Payments:

3.1 Unless by prior agreement all services must be paid for at the time of treatment.

3.2 Where a ‘Customer’ has been granted credit; payment will be in full on or before the 20th of the following month.

3.3 In the event where any account becomes overdue then interest will be charged at the rate of 2.5% per month or part thereof from the due date until settled in full.

3.4 ‘Customers’ are liable for and agree to pay for all costs of collection of overdue accounts and agree that details of overdue accounts can be passed to a third party for credit reporting purposes.

3.5 Where treatment is covered by insurance this is a contractual between the ‘Customer’ and the insurer and it is up to the ‘Customer’ to recover the fees from the insurer. The ‘Customer’ is responsible to pay their account on the due date.


4.0 Liabilities:

4.1 The ‘Company’ sets out to provide the most appropriate service and treatment at all times however this is on an all care no responsibility basis.

4.2 The ‘Company’ is not liable in any way whatsoever for any consequential losses that may occur as a result of the treatment.

4.3 In any event the maximum liability will be limited to the actual cost of the treatment.


5.0 Disputes:

5.1 In the unlikely event of a dispute this must be brought to the ‘Companies’ attention in writing as soon as it becomes known and every effort will be made to resolve such matters without the need to resort to legal action.

5.2 A dispute of any nature does not give the ‘Customer’ the right to withhold any payments due to the ‘Company’ nor to offset this against any future payments.

5.3 Disputes will be governed by the laws pertaining to New Zealand.


6.0 Consumer Guarantees Act:

6.1 Where the supplier is supplying goods and services to the customer for business purposes within the meaning of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, pursuant to section 43 the provision of that act will not apply to this agreement.


7.0 Information and Privacy Act:

7.1 Where the customer has requested a credit facility it authorizes the supplier to collect all information it may require from any third parties and authorizes those third parties to release that information to the supplier.

7.2 The customer may request access to and correction of this information at any time.